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About Jabbs

Jabbs Projects was established on the foundation of family values.

About Us

The company name itself is derived from the founding members of the Kairouz family, being Joseph & John, Alexander, Beshara, Belinda & Sobhi. Jabbs takes pride in providing a personalised service, ensuring clients are satisfied with their final product. This is achieved by building long-term client relationships resulting in a deeper understanding of their needs.

Jabbs takes pride in basing their entire company & operation on the values of honesty & integrity. From the beginning, our focus has been on developing long-term relationships built on trust. With an approachable nature, we always ensure there is clear communication throughout all stages of projects and maintain full transparency. Ultimately, we aim at achieving excellence and innovation in a fully integrated approach to property design and construction, while maintaining the values upon which the company was established.

Our People

Joseph Kairouz

Site Manager

Joseph is a determined and ambitious individual who commits all his time and focus in to the projects he partakes in. Having been exposed to such a variety of different construction methods and systems, Joseph is able to collate these together to adapt the most efficient and productive path to complete each project. Joseph has worked on residential projects of 600+ units as the lead foreman on the job managing and directing the daily operation and future planning of the project. With six years experience in the industry, a bachelors degree in civil engineering, experience in managing all different types of systems of construction with a variety of large residential construction companies, Joseph is always prepared to take on the next project.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Diploma in Engineering Practice, UTS

Sobhi Kairouz‚Äč

Senior Project Manager

Sobhi is a professional and enthusiastic individual with a sound knowledge of the construction industry and an innate attention to detail. Sobhi has an ability to plan, lead, organize and control large, high-complex, high-budget projects successfully; delivering on time and within the budget. Sobhi has worked on residential construction projects valued at over $120 million being the senior project manager and delivering these jobs from start to hand over. Having dealt with a variety of consultants and clients, Sobhi has been able to explore and adapt different efficient methods in achieving above expectations for the client.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Commerce, UNSW